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Volunteer Companies:


Broderick Engine Company No. 1

September 1859, Company name changed from Empire to Broderick in honor of their first foreman, and later United States Senator, David C. Broderick, who was slain in a duel while he was a senator.

1865, Company moved to Bryant Street near Third Street. A two story wooden building, city property, in good order.

1862 Edward Byron Cutter
1864 Bernard Hagan
1865 M. McLaughlin
1866 Mark Harris

1859 Engine: James Smith, New York, builder, second class side stroke, company property Hose carriage, two wheel, Folsom, San Francisco, builder, city property, purchased at a cost of $200.
1864 Engine: James Smith, New York, builder, second class, company property
1865 Hose carriage, Folsom, San Francisco, purchased at cost of $1,486.
Note: One of these Smith engines was sold to the Stockton Exempts in 1895 for $150.

1863 - 52
1864 - 42
1866 - 31


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