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Chief Engineers - Chiefs of Department:

Edward J. Phipps
Chief of Department
1987 - 1988

  • Appointed to the Department, April 23, 1952, age 22, occupation student
    • Assignments as a fireman: Truck Co. No. 3, 1953, Engine Co. No. 48, 1956, Truck Co. No. 1, 1958
    • Member, Drill Team, 1952
  • Appointed Lieutenant, March 16, 1965
    • Assignments as a Lieutenant: Salvage Co. No. 2, 1965, Rescue Co. No. 1, 1966
  • Appointed Captain, November, 16,1969
    • Assigned to Engine Co. No. 3, 1970

Chief Phipps father, Fred Phipps became a member of the Department in 1912

After attaining the rank of captain he was assigned to Truck Co. No. 3, one of the busiest truck companies in the nation. Truck 3 is located at 1067 Post Street in the heart of the Tenderloin. To the east of the Tenderloin are the high rise buildings of the financial district, to the north the posh homes of Nob Hill, to the west the old Victorian homes of the Western Addition and to the south the wood framed buildings of the inner Mission district. This diverse first due area continuously calls for different applications of fire ground practices and is one reason that Truck 3 is held in high esteem within the department.

In 1970 Captain Phipps was a founding director of the California Firemen's Athletic Association. The CFAA governs the States firefighter Summer and Winter Olympics. He later served the association as president.

The Firefighter's Olympics began in 1970 as an opportunity for all California firefighters to get together in friendly competition which promotes physical fitness and provides an informal forum for exchanging ideas. Throughout the years the Summer Olympics have been held in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Davis, Irvine, Santa Clara, San Jose, San Diego, Palo Alto, Bakersfield, Santa Ana, Sacramento, Ventura, Concord, and Livermore / Pleasanton.

The Olympics consist of 29 areas of competition. They include softball, basketball, bass fishing, bench press, bowling, cycling (road and mountain bike), darts, flag football, golf, horseshoes, ice hockey, motocross, physical fitness, power lifting, racquetball, rodeo, roller hockey, shooting, soccer, softball, surfing, table tennis, tennis, track and field, triathlon, water skiing and wakeboarding.