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Museum Hours:

The Museum is staffed by volunteers.  We make every effort to maintain our normal hours of operation.  However, due to limited staffing, the museum may be closed if volunteers are not available.  Please review the schedule below prior to planning your visit.

Museum Hours

We are open most Friday and Saturdays
1:00 pm -  4:00 pm

Since the museum is staffed by volunteers, it is best if you call 415-558-3546 after 1:00 pm on the day of your visit
to make sure that it will be open for you.

December Staffing Dates

Friday - 11th

Saturday - 12th

Sunday - 13th

Friday - 18th

Saturday - 19th

24th - 25th - Closed

Saturday - 26th

Sunday - 27th

31st - Closed

We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested, please email us.

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